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We represent, distribute or partner with major manufacturers in different product areas. For such manufacturers, we can provide full technical, commercial and logistic support. The R&D capabilities of such companies allow our customers to continuously improve their final products and their customer experience.


PLATAINE is a worldwide leading company that offers cloud-based software for manufacturing automation & optimization. An expert team supports customers in major industries such as Aerospace & Composites, Automotive & Transportation, Apparel Manufacturing, Furniture & Upholstery.

The solutions offered by Plataine are adopted in the market and have proven efficient results in applications such as:  Production optimization, Material & Asset tracking, Industrial IOT, Quality & Audit compliancy, Cut plans & Material savings.


MAPAERO is a leading manufacturer of aerospace coatings and finishes in the civil and military markets.  
It offers a large range of water based paints for aircraft structure, interior, exterior and special applications using the latest technology.
The products are qualified by major OEM’s and they are used worldwide since many years with proven results and satisfaction.
Production leadtimes are unbeatable and each delivery is accompanied by complete documentation.
MAPAERO is continuously investing in R&D through its internal laboratories to develop new generation products that are compliant with an environment protection policy.
A multi-skilled team is at your disposal worldwide to offer customers the best technical, commercial and logistic services.


AVIATION GRAPHIX is a key manufacturer of quality placards, exterior decals, liveries & wraps and interior marketing materials (seat tray promo decals, overhead bins) for major airlines, MRO’s and lease companies worldwide.
The company can produce a drawing sheet of each placard including size, colours, test info in a very short time and aircraft kits are provided in electronic format before printing for approval.
It is also possible to supply tailored dual language placards and signage. Our staff is flexible, reactive and available 365 days, 24 hours a day (AOG); our technicians can support you directly on site for the fitting of the livery.



Eurocarbon is a producer of braided and woven reinforcements, primarily used for  composites industry. These braids and woven tapes are made out of high performance reinforcement fibers such as:  glass, aramid, carbon and thermoplastics.  Eurocarbon has implemented standard programs to cover a whole range of standard customer‘s applications. All programs are available on stock and ready to ship off the shelf to provide your reinforcements with a minimum of lead time. Eurocarbon also designes equipment and automated processes for the production of overbraided preforms. Maybe overbraiding could be a solution for you to outsource preforming activities.



Porcher Industries procuces fiberglass fabrics.
As an international group dedicated to the development and production of innovative fabrics, Pocher Indisutries manufactures textiles and use chemistry for multiple industrial applications.
As an industrial leader, Porcher Industries possess unequalled know-how and expertise in the technical textiles sector.


JPR is a HUTCHINSON plant, located in Amiens – France, which belongs Total group, 
JPR’  plant is an expert in specialised seals design, manufacturing, fire certification and marketing.
 JPR’s strengths :
  •  Transformation and making of high performance elastomers reinforced with technical fabrics 
  •  Design and manufacture of parts or complex assemblies according to the required size
  •  Quantities of production available in either prototype or in series
  •  A Spirit and a Quality service that have been proven in the Aviation field for 40 years
  •  Approvals : Certificate EN/AS 9100, DGAC production approval
Products :
  • Reinforced seals : static seals and dynamic seals  
  • music note-shaped profiles
  • lip profiles
  • inflatable seals
  • moulded seals
  • moulded sheets
  • extruded profiles
  • Fabricated shaped parts


LJF STILLMAN is a Division of Le Joint Français which is part of the HUTCHINSON Group, the world’s largest producer of technical rubber parts. LJF STILLMAN provides state of the art capabilities in design and manufacturing of high-tech/high quality sealing systems for Aerospace, Defence,
Nuclear, Marine, Railway, Oil, Chemical and Electrical application.
LJF STILLMAN’s strengths :
  • Custom Designed Engineered products
  • Techniques for all dimensions
  • Flexible production processes to allow us to manufacture both small order quantities and high volume requirements
  • Quality assurance program approved by the major European companies : ISO 9001, Qualifas PREN 9100, JAR 21G, Nato code : F 0229, 
Products : 
  • special O’Rings
  • Inflatable seals
  • EMI/RFI Shieldin products 
  • punched seals in all shapes and compounds
  • Rolling and flat diaphragms


RPM Technology is a leading manufacturer of sealant and adhesive stripping agents, that can safely remove the industry’s most tenacious sealants/silicone adhesives. RPM Technology products offer significant advantages over other removal methods, that require scraping and typically result in damage to the substrate. The products are studied for the Aviation, Industrial and Marine industries. The primary product lines of the company are: 
PolyGone 310-AG Aviation Grade Polysulfide Remover
PolyGone 305 Industrial/Marine Grade Polysulfide Remover
PolyGone 505 Silicone Remover
Digesil Silicone Stripper
Digesil NC (X) Silicone Stripper and Extra Strength Silicone Stripper (best for D.C. silicones)
Digesil FS fluorosilicone sealant remover
Di-Aqua water based detergent designed specifically for the removal of silicone oils and greases from virtually any surface.
Poly-Wipes special wipes designed to clean up uncured sealants, mastics, adhesives, silicones, paint, drilling oils and greases


Specializing in the manufacturing and distribution of non-abrasive plastic blast media, Maxi-Blast, Inc. has been providing an alternative to hazardous chemical cleaning and sandblasting-type abrasives for more than 25 years, becoming the largest plastic blast media producer in the United States and eliminating the damage to surfaces during such processes as deflashing and deburring of plastic, rubber and metal parts.
The main product lines include: 
 Thermoset granulated MIL spec and industrial grade plastic media for paintstripping and surface cleaning
Engineered thermoplastic media for cryogenic and room temperature deflashing


Established in 1957, Magnolia Plastics, Inc. provides custom formulated epoxy systems to the Aerospace, Defense, Transportation, Electronics, Automotive, General and Commercial Aircraft, Construction and recreation industries worldwide. 
Magnolia Plastics has custom developed more than 2,500 epoxy systems in its Research and Development Laboratory. 
The company is committed to excellent Quality Control in its ISO 9001 certified Production facility.
Magnolia produces a variety of innovative epoxy compounds including:
  • Epoxy structural Adhesives
  • Anti-Ballistic Materials
  • Coatings
  • Conductive Materials
  • Filament Winding
  • Fire Retardant Materials
  • Liquid Shims
  • Paints
  • Potting & Encapsulating
  • Sealants & Joint Fillers
  • Syntactics
  • Tooling & Casting Resins
  • VARTM & RTM Resins
  • Custom formulations


CF SYSTEMS is a manufacturer of thermoplastic impregnated  fibers.
CF SYSTEMS starting from his impregnated tow ( mainly glass, carbon, aramide, but not only)  provides fabrics, braids and if needed preforms. To be close to the customer the production of  CF SYSTEMS is fully customized.